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What is velocity labs?

A 3 month startup accelerator for founders & partners of pre-revenue
and/or early stage high growth companies.  

There are three critical stages for velocity track companies:

1) problem/solution fit

2) product/market fit

3) scale / growth

Velocity Labs works closely with companies in the earliest stages with the Customer Development process to discover a valid solution for a problem worth solving for a sizable population. Using the Lean Startup framework companies will build and test a minimal viable product (MVP) with a growing number of early adopters as they ramp up into product/market fit.




  • 6 half-day deep dive sessions facilitated by hardened entrepreneurs, packed with key learning activities, tools, resources and expert guest speakers. Local coffee and snacks included to keep you fueled and focused.

  • 2 participants per company are invited and encouraged to help catalyze lasting change and measurable impact deep into the DNA of your company.

  • 6 fire-side chats with entrepreneurial leaders along with practical guides, key activities & resources to transform your personal habits, mindset and leadership for the adventure ahead.

  • 6 half-day group work sessions to root the course and drive accountability and provide support to you and your company as you discover the essential needs of your key customers and build a unique value proposition to take your growing market.

  • 6 one-hour private mentor sessions per company provided by seasoned entrepreneurs and designed around your specific companies needs and when you need it most.

  • 2 community networking events to test your mettle and to grow your support with regional funders, entrepreneurs and the community that loves you.

  • Opportunity to Pitch for Funding to the High Country Impact Fund for seed funding to capitalize your startup to grow and scale your company.




Course Dates: Cohort 2 schedule still being developed 


Boone, NC


$200 per month for 3 months. Scholarships available for qualifying companies.


Applications for cohort 2 are due Jan 30th, 2019

Contact our Program Director, Jeffrey Scott, with any questions.


Does velocity labs sound right for your business?